Recover Deleted Junk Email from Outlook 2007

“Hope someone can help. I am using Outlook 2007, few days back I received a mail from my friend. Mistakenly I marked it as spam along with some unimportant emails and moved it to Junk Email folder and I forgot to move it again to Inbox folder. But yesterday morning I deleted whole the junk folder in order to free some space. After deleting Junk folder I realized that I have deleted an important email which I have mistakenly saved in junk folder few days back. I am trying to recover that email since yesterday morning, but no use. Can anyone please suggest me how to recover it from Outlook 2007?”

Most of the people might come across the above mentioned scenario. But don’t worry in such situation. Now technology made email recovery on Outlook 2007 is very easy. You can easily recover deleted junk email from Outlook 2007 by using My Mail Recovery software. Before that let us know how Junk Emails will be deleted.

Scenarios for losing Junk Emails on Outlook 2007

Sometimes user may mistakenly move important files to Junk Email folder and afterwards deleting Junk Email folder without keeping backup of important Emails results in deletion of emails which were presented in Junk Email folder and sometimes user may delete Junk Emails mistakenly right clicking on Junk Email folder and selecting Delete Junk Email option from it without viewing emails presented in Junk Email folder.

The Junk Emails may also get delete due to virus / malware program. When virus infects to Outlook 2007 it may corrupts junk email presented in Outlook 2007 which in turn results in deletion of Junk Emails. Sometimes heavily infected Junk Emails will be deleted while scanning from antivirus software.

There might be chances of deletion of junk email at the time of upgrading Outlook versions from older to newer. If any interrupt / incompatibility like abrupt shutdown of system occurred at the time of upgrading will leads to deletion of Junk Emails.

In order to avoid losing Junk Emails it is suggested you to maintain backup of important files which are presented in Junk Email folder consistently before deleting. However if you failed to follow backup then make use of award winning recovery software named as My Mail Recovery to undelete deleted Junk Emails on Outlook 2007. Click here for more information

Salient features of My Mail Recovery software

My Mail Recovery software is an award winning software that is specially designed for recovering deleted Junk Emails from Outlook 2007. This is the most powerful software when it comes to recover deleted emails on Outlook 2007.

My Mail Recovery software comes with special deep scanning algorithm supports in recovering deleted Junk Emails without much of stress. This software not only supports recovering of files, likewise it can also repair highly compressed, encrypted and password protected PST files easily. It supports recovery of emails in different Outlook versions such as Outlook 2000, Outlook 2003, Outlook 2007 and Outlook 2010.

Best Way for Recovering Deleted Pictures from Nikon D3300 Camera

“Hi everyone… I have bought new Nikon D3300, recently I connected it to system it displays a message like ‘drive is not formatted, do you need to format it?’ I have left with no option and pressed on ‘yes’. Then all photos got deleted. Now I am too worried about recovering those photos. Anyone can please suggest me how to recover those photos, because those are more important photos.”

This is the most common scenario where your pictures get deleted due to virus infection. But no need to worry in such type of situation. The recovery tool named as Nikon Canon Photo Recovery software is used to perform Nikon camera photo recovery within few clicks.

Let us discuss reasons behind picture deletion from Nikon D3300.

  • Unintentional deletion of pictures: Sometimes by clicking on ‘Delete All’ or ‘Format’ option unintentionally while performing some other operation on Nikon D3300 camera causes deletion of pictures.
  • Virus / malware infection: Virus infection causes your entire file system to get corrupt and make photos to inaccessible to user. When you connect Nikon D3300 camera to virus infected system, it will displays error message like ‘drive is not formatted, do you need to format it?’ In such condition if you select ‘yes’, it causes you to delete whole collection of pictures.
  • Interrupt occurred while transferring pictures: Interrupt like power failure or power surge occurred while transferring pictures between Nikon D3300 camera and computer system causes deletion of pictures.
  • Bad handling of Nikon D3300 camera: Bad handling of Nikon D3300 camera, like ejecting abruptly from computer system while transferring is in progress. Or capturing images while camera running on low battery also causes your photos get delete from Nikon D3300 camera.

In such condition simply make use of Nikon Canon Photo Recovery software to undelete deleted photos from Nikon D3300 camera more effectively. one can simply click here to know more about recovering photos from Nikon D3300 camera.

Features of Nikon Canon Photo Recovery software

  • Nikon Canon Photo Recovery software is most popular and award winning software. It scans entire Nikon D3300 camera in order to recover deleted photo very quickly. It has built in algorithm for recovering photos deleted due to various reasons more effectively.
  • This is specially designed software for recovering deleted pictures from Nikon D3300 camera. This software also helpful in restoring deleted photos from various DSLR cameras like Sony, Olympus, Kodak, Fujifilm, Sigma etc.
  • Nikon Canon Photo Recovery software helps to recover pictures from flash memory cards (SD, XD, MMC, Memory Stick etc.), USB external drives, FireWire Drives, iPods. Moreover it supports in recovering RAW photos like CRW, NEF, and CR2.
  • This application provides preview option before restoring recovered data. It sorts recovered pictures on the basis of name, size, date, file type. And also it allows user to store recovered pictures to desired destination location.

Fix Damaged AVI Video File on Mac

AVI stands for audio video interleaved. AVI is a video and audio file format used to store audio and/or video information digitally for playback purposes. AVI file format is the most widely used video format for promos, short movies and advertisements because of its better compression capabilities. Sometimes, it becomes impossible to play AVI videos properly on Mac system because of damage. AVI file may get damage due to virus infection, improper shutdown, header file corruption, codec error etc.  So don’t feel bad, if important AVI file get corrupt. Simply make use of AVI File Repair software to repair damaged AVI file on Mac.

Reasons behind AVI file gets damaged on Mac systems

  • Improper downloading: Generally you can use various websites for downloading AVI files. However sudden interruption during download process can give rise to errors.
  • Abrupt shutdown: Abrupt shut down of Mac system at the time of transferring AVI files from Mac system to any external device causes AVI file to get damaged. Abrupt shutdown of Mac system may be because of power failure or power surge.
  • Virus / malware attack: Virus / malware attack is the major issue for your AVI file getting damage. Whenever your Mac system infected by virus, it causes your whole file system to get corrupt and makes AVI file to don’t play properly on Mac system.
  • Improper handling of storage devices: Improper handling of storage device such as ejecting external drives from Mac system while transferring is in progress. It causes AVI file to get damage and make it inaccessible.
  • Other reasons: Apart from above mentioned scenarios, AVI file may get damage on Mac system due to header file corruption, codec error, CRC error etc.

How to get rid from above mentioned scenarios?

You can avoid AVI video file get damage by following precautionary measures like always having back up for AVI files, and making use of well known UPS to get rid from abrupt shut down of Mac system, and scanning Mac system volumes by antivirus software consistently to avoid virus infection. However if you can’t follow mentioned precautionary measures, no need to worry..!! You can repair damaged AVI file by using AVI File Repair software.

Here are the features of AVI file repair software.  

AVI file repair software is a best solution to repair corrupted / damaged AVI file more effectively. It is completely automated process; the repair process will be done without compromising on quality of video file. I.e. video file will remain integral even after repairing. This is user friendly software, and it is more compatible with both windows and Mac operating systems. Click here to know how to fix damaged file on Mac system

It has a built in algorithm to separate video and audio data streams and adjoins them to create relevant playable video file. And also it allows user to save repaired files to their desired destination location.

Compact Flash Card Recovery Software for Mac

A Compact Flash card or CF card is a data storage device that can be used for storing the digital information. These Compact Flash cards are most commonly used in portable electronic devices such as tablets, digital cameras, camcorder etc to store data. Present days these are more popular because of their unique advantages like non-volatile, highly portable, large storage capacity, speed and so on.

However, due to several reasons like deleting accidentally, formatting unintentionally, file system corruption etc makes you to lose the entire stored data permanently. It becomes very harder to retrieve the data. However by using ‘Recover Flash Card Software for Mac’ tool we can recover the deleted, lost, corrupted files successfully on Mac system.

Below mentioned are the Reason behind the data loss from Compact Flash card on Mac

  • Accidental deletion: The accidental deletion of important files along with the unwanted files by selecting “Delete All” option, when the CF card is connected to Mac machine.
  • Interruption takes place while transferring the data: The interruption like power failure or power surge takes place while transferring the data from CF card to the Mac machine causes to lose your valuable data.
  • Malfunction/virus infection: The virus / malfunction infection to CF card makes its file system to get corrupt, in this case you connect CF card to Mac machine it will displays the error message by saying “The drive is not formatted, do you want to format it now”. The file becomes inaccessible and you will be forced to format the card. Once you do so you will end up with the loss of data.
  • Abrupt handling of CF card: The abrupt handling like removing CF card suddenly while transferring the files to Mac system causes data loss.

To avoid these types of data loss you need to take precautions like handling the storage devices carefully, backup your files regularly, protect against the power disturbances by using UPS, and stop using of CF card to avoid the overwriting. In spite, if you are still or not able to follow these precautions, it is recommended to make use of Recover Flash Card software to retrieve deleted or lost files from your Compact Flash card very easily in few steps.

The Recover Flash Card software includes the following features to retrieve data more effectively

  • This is specially designed and developed software by expert professionals to recover deleted or lost files such as videos, audios, documents etc from CF card on Mac. This application helps in recovering/restoring the data which is deleted by using windows command prompt or accidental deletion.
  • You can resume the recovery / saving process any time using “Save Recovery Session” feature, this ensures that you need not to rescan the same drive to locate lost data.
  • This software also helps in restoring the deleted files from different type of storage media like SD cards, SDHC, XD cards etc of different manufacturing brands such as Transcend, Kingston, SanDisk etc.
  • This software has the powerful scanning algorithm for scanning the CF card for retrieving the deleted files very quickly. Moreover it is helpful in get back data from USB flash drives, Pen drives, Fire Wire drive, iPod etc. Click here to know more information about this software
  • This application is compatible with Mac OS X, Lion, Leopard, Snow Leopard etc operating systems.
  • It has the ability to restore the deleted files from the CF card which is running on Mac based laptops such as MacBook, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, iMac etc.

Mac External Drive Data Recovery

Macintosh external drive is most commonly used for storage purpose, and it can be employed on Mac PC to extend storage space and also to store huge volume of data like audio, video and pictures etc. However, at times users encounter data loss or erasure on Mac external drive because of several reasons just like accidental erasure or formatting, file system corruption, mishandling external disk drive etc. When you face such information loss, you may search data recovery software over web. Just In case, if you still unable to fix solutions then, utilize this Mac External Drive Recovery tool which recovers lost or erased information within few simple clicks.

Some reasons behind data loss in external disk drive are:

• In order to reset the file system on “c:” you may format volume / drive. During resetting procedure, if you select other volume like “d:” Then whole data stored in it may get formatted and resulting in immediate data loss.

• To rearrange memory space in external disk drive, you must change or erase memory space allocated for present volume. However, instead of deleting required volume you may select different volume. Due to this mistake, whole information could result in permanent loss.

• While performing any read or write operation upon Mac PC, any intrusion like abrupt power surge cam make PC shutdown improperly and it may corrupt external drive resulting in severe data loss. To know more details about recover data from off broken external disk drive on Mac PC visit this website:

There are other reasons that could cause information loss or erasure via external drive. Some of them are data loss caused by bad sectors, abrupt removal of external drive and hard drive failure etc. To avoid such data loss situation, more frequently users backup their own personal or business information in external drive. When external drive faces this kind of issues then, you can utilize this simple and easiest approach to recover information from formatted or erased volume in Mac computer.

Some possible features related to this software are:

• This powerful software is made of advanced algorithm to do complete scanning of external disk drive and restores lost or erased information on basis of unique signature and name, modification date, creation date, size, extension and so on.

• It is intuitive software, which helps you to retain data from various disk drive types like SATA, SCSI and IDE etc. as well as its manufacturers such as Western Digital, Seagate, Buffalo, and Hitachi etc.

• Further, external drive recovery supports to bring back different file formats for example (JPEG, MPEG, and PNG, MOV, AVI, MP4, AUDIO, 3GP and AIF and so on.)

• This reliable and efficient application supports to recover information from HFS+, HFSX deleted volumes and provides preview option to see recovered information in Mac finder styled interface.

• This ultimate application retrieves data via external drive within a minute and also via USB drive, memory, flash drive and so on.

• Easily recovers data from Mac external drive and supports all Mac OS versions like (Mac OS X, Mavericks, Lion, Leopard, Mountain Lion, and Snow Leopard etc.)

Learn Simple Way to Permanently Delete Files on WD MY Passport

Are you going to sell or lend your WD MY Passport? If your answer is yes, then make sure that all the files are present on the hard drive are completely wiped out. This is important because it is quite easy to recover any of the deleted files. Here you must note that when any of us delete file from hard disk then only its detail is cleared off from file system, therefore, those respective files can be reclaimed by use of appropriate recovery software. Hence, if you don’t wish your files to be snooped, then simply, make use of Delete Forever software as early as possible. This application deletes each of the files to such an extent that those files can never be retained back.

For better understanding of such kind of data loss lets assume one of the real-time scenario. Assume you have WD MY Passport, which you have been using for different purposes. But, recently you purchased a new hard drive of bigger size, thereby making the old one useless. To help out one of your friend, you lend it. But, after some time you realized that many of your online accounts are managed from some other place. So what went wrong?? When you gave the WD MY Passport, only measure that you took was formatting, hence leaving scope for data recovery. If you really don’t wish to repeat such mistake then makes use of Delete Forever software to push the files beyond and recovery.

One of the other thing that user can do to ensure that none of the files are accessed, is overwriting the previously saved files with junk data. But, problem with this kind of solution is that manually overwriting each of the memory space nearly impossible. So, if you wish to prohibit any kind of snooping, then opt for this application. This software overwrites each of the memory space without any kind of complexity, thereby providing simple way to completely erase WD MY Passport. Once this software is applied you can feel free to lend you WD MY Passport to anyone without any second thought.

This application has one of the simplest interfaces that allow users to easily get rid of the files with great ease. Any of you can make use of this software on different Windows based system such as Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 2008, Windows 2003, Windows 7 and Windows 2008. This software easily supports different file system such as NTFS, NTFS5, FAT16, FAT32, EXTFAT64 and different others. While implementing this software you can opt for 9 different shredding patters, a few of them are Fast Zero Overwrite, US Department of Defense (Dod 5220.22-M)_dod Standard 5220.28 STD, US Navy, NAVSO P-5239-26_rll, German:vsitr-US Department of Defense (Dod 5220.22-M), Peter Gutmann Secure Deletion, Random Overwrite, North Atlantic Treaty Organization_nato standard, and Gutmann Method. This application can be used to wipe data from computer or laptop hard drive as well. To know more about how to completely erase WD MY Passport, click on this link:

Software to Recover From External Drive

Have you ever lost or erased your paramount files via external hard drive disk? Provided that this is true, then you have to recover lost or erased files as right on time as would be prudent before your external HDD gets overwritten by duplicating new files into it. In this manner to abstain from overwriting and recuperate all your lost files you have to accompany the great arrangement by utilizing this External Dive Recovery programming. You may have erased or lost files inadvertently or by any serious virus assault. Because of those reasons your vital files may get lost and in case you’re discovering any recuperation software over a system here is basic and finest device to restore all your lost or erased files effortlessly.

A portion of the significant reasons for files get erased / lost from your individual external hard drive:

• Sometimes, in your external drive the documents exhibit in it may get virus infected and it won’t permit you to get to the some imperative files. This will heads you to get stressed and intentionally or unknowingly to secure your drive, you may choose the format option when your drive is connected with system or laptop. In the wake of formatting, all the documents stored in that drive will get erased and you may not ready to recoup it back. Anyway, this product gives simple access to recover the documents that are erased.

• For safety and security reasons, you might backup your individual data into external gadgets like pen drive or memory card. When this device is connected to any corrupted system and removed abruptly. At that point your specific pen drive or memory card data will get lost or erased. To recoup lost or erased data from external drive or SAMSUNG compact hard drive and to know more about this recovery system you can visit here:

• You will be accessing or replicating some essential files from your PC to USB drive or the other way around. Amid this files exchange, abruptly power failure may happen and heads sudden close down of the PC. At that point, the procedure of replicating documents will be ended and your USB drive may not work legitimately. This may bring about information misfortune.

• Other than all above reasons, information loss may happen when you utilize any untrusted outsider application software’s like “anti-virus” to spare your essential documents from virus assault. However, to recoup such files and discover best recovery software online you have to utilize this External Drive Recovery tool.

This external hard drive recovery tool utilizes advanced procedure and extraordinary methods to scan your lost or erased documents from external gadget like USB flash drive or pen drive and restores it with in a span of time to its coveted area on premise of their unique signature and document name, extension, creation date, size, changed date and so forth. Also, this product helps in recuperating records from distinctive hard drive sorts like SATA, SCSI and IDE and so forth and different outer drive assembling brands, for example, Transcend, SanDisk, HP, SONY, Toshiba, Strontium and Lexar furthermore restores numerous types of file formats like audio (MP3, MP4, AIF, AIFF and AIFC and so on.), video (MPG, MPEG, AVI, 3GP and 3G2 and so on.) and all media files. This recovery tool is capable for recovering files from both Windows and Mac OS versions.

Safest Way to Fix Outlook 2007 PST File

Hi, I have been using Outlook 2007 from a very long time. Recently the PST file of my Outlook 2007 got damaged, after which I was not getting the access to my important emails and other important stuff of Outlook. I don’t know what made it get corrupt, and what the damn reason behind it is. Now I am looking for a way to repair corrupt Outlook PST file, can anyone please guide me how to get it done?    

If you too have been facing the same issue as mentioned above; then don’t panic. Presently there’s an Outlook fix tool to tackle these kinds of problems, by using Outlook fix tool you could easily fix corrupted PST file in a very simple manner. Outlook fix tool is a prominent application developed by highly skilled software developers, the application can repair severely corrupted Outlook 2007 PST file, and allows you to access Outlook data without any complexity. In addition to Outlook 2007, it could repair Outlook PST file of various versions such as Outlook 2000, 2003, and 2010 etc. It’s a reliable Outlook fix tool, which does not do any modifications to damaged PST file of Outlook 2007, rather it just scans damaged PST file and creates a similar healthy file.

Before beginning with the features of Outlook fix tool, let’s have a concise discussion of some reasons that makes PST file to get damage.

  • Sharing of PST file on unsafe network: PST file generally resides in the hard disk of PC, it can be shared on exchange server as well. Suppose if the shared network is unsafe then there are chances for a PST file to get corrupt.
  • Improper termination of Outlook 2007: If Outlook 2007 terminates in an improper way; then PST file of it may get corrupt. Sudden computer shut down is main reason for the improper termination of Outlook.

In addition to these, there are several other reasons like virus infection, header corruption etc. But you don’t have get worried in any of the scenario, since Outlook fix tool knows how to fix Outlook 2007 PST file in an efficient way. Once it repairs you could easily access all the attributes of Outlook such as email messages, contacts, RSS feeds, calendar events, appointments, and notes etc. For detailed information on fixing Outlook 2007 PST file just visit this site:

Advanced features of Outlook fix utility are mentioned below:   

Outlook fix application is easily compatible with various Windows OS versions, which includes Windows 2003, Windows 2008, Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP etc. This software has the capability of repairing password protected Outlook 2007 PST file. In a very limited time frame, it fixes damaged PST file of Outlook 2007. It’s a highly effective application, and fixes PST file in an automated way i.e. it automatically searches the PST file in the hard drive and repairs it.

Trial edition of this utility is available on web, just check out that once. If you get satisfied with it; then buy its licensed version.

Appreciated Tool to Defrag Memory Stick

Memory sticks are popular devices which are used across the globe to carry Gigabytes of data. These devices are especially used for portable devices including mobile phones, digital cameras, music players, etc. The storage capacity of these devices ranges from MBs to 256GB. Memory sticks are useful for recording videos, saving various media files, etc. However, it is known fact that speed of electronic devices decreases after particular period of time, the efficiency of memory stick also decreases gradually. Majority of users never know why their memory stick is running slow and simply worry about its performance.

Many users think about their memory stick’s performance only when it takes too much time to copy a single file. There are many hidden reasons behind this type of unexpected behavior and still those users incapable to identify those reasons. This sort of incidence takes place when the device becomes full with files like photos, documents, excel sheets, APK files, etc. or else the data on the memory stick gets fragmented as a result of less storage space. Another key reason for this is, storage of large amount of data on memory stick and the data gets stored in fragmented form. Thus, it reduces the performance of the device. Are you facing this kind of problem? Is your memory stick consuming enough time to open any files and folders? Then just stay cool and be calm. Since, it is not difficult to improve the performance of memory stick by means of defrag drive utility.

The main intention behind memory stick fragmentation is to get rid of poor file management policy and other issues. Therefore, the end result is slow performance of memory stick. Many people believe that defragmentation process can reduce the life span of memory stick. Actually, it is not the case, it is the important feature of memory stick maintenance. But before proceeding towards memory stick defragmentation, it is necessary to know why to defrag memory stick. There are following points help you to understand the significance of  memory stick defragmentation:

  • To make files easily available for contiguous locations. When you defrag memory stick, segments of all data get stored on contiguous memory locations. Hence, OS easily reads files present on memory stick so, it saves your valuable time. After performing defragmentation, you can feel there is increase in device performance.
  • In case you defrag memory stick, it enhances complete files recovery after files are deleted or lost either accidentally or intentionally. To know more tips to defrag memory stick, just refer this link:

There are some below mentioned tips which you have to remember when you carry out defragmentation of memory stick:

  • Uninstall unwanted software or programs
  • Erase all unnecessary files which consume memory space on memory stick
  • Remove all the temporary files by means of disk cleanup option to free up the storage space.
  • Close all the apps and erase all unnecessary programs before starting the defragmentation process. Do not forget to do this, otherwise defrag process gets interrupted or might take enough time to complete the task.

Furthermore, by making use of this tool you can improve the speed of other storage devices such as external hard drives, USB drives, memory cards, FireWire drives, etc. It is an appreciated software to defrag memory stick, so even novice user can use it without any problem. You can use it on hard drives of types like SATA, IDE and SCSI of various manufacturing brands like Hitachi, Maxtor, Western Digital and Seagate. It is compatible with various OS such as Windows, Mac and Android.

Ultimate way to Recover Info from Kingston USB Flash Drive

In today’s advanced technology, Kingston USB drives have given easiest way to store and have crucial files wherever you wish to. While carrying all your major files loaded in the minute in flash drive and allows you to feel good. Nevertheless, losing considerable data from USB flash drive can be very dreadful. If you have a backup of these imperative files, you are able to effortlessly overcome the severe loss. In these kinds of cases, use good Flash Drive Recovery software to get data from flash drive to surpass the files loss.

Most on the people inadvertently commit mistakes by clicking delete the entire folder option from flash drive. You might think how come a small fault move made that you lose entire data from flash drive. Your mind can possibly be reducing with great deal of uncertainties. At that period, instead of carrying out any faults you ought to be calm, because you will be able to recuperate your files, which can be deleted before overwriting. With usage of Recover Flash software, you can restore all your deleted folders and files from USB flash drive at one go.

The data from Kingston flash drive can be lost in many ways. Some of the most extremely common data scenarios are down the page.

  • Sometimes while moving information from Kingston USB flash drive to computer; if you abruptly take out USB flash drive, then it results in loss of files from USB drive. If you do not have backup of missing data then significant data loss will be definite.
  • Sometimes while formatting among the partitions of your personal machine, if you by accident format Kingston USB drive containing your significant files, critical data loss are definite.
  • There are many other factors like infection of harmful threats, file system breakdown; extensive rough use of USB drive software glitches, unforeseen system shutdown whilst reading/writing files upon USB and so forth might lead in order to critical data loss.
  • Unanticipated power failure may results in loss of files. Sometimes while opening files from USB flash drive when it is connected to computer if sudden electrical power failure occurs then might be chances of losing files from Kingston flash drive.

In any worst cases, if you wind up with losing your significant files without having backup, then stop using USB drive as well as use Recover Flash software. It has a great-inbuilt algorithm, which in turn contains Find option that aids you to search all files based on their file time period, file size, extendable and date regarding creation. With the assistance of integral “Save Recovery Session” characteristic you are able to impede and recommence the revival process as per your schedule. In addition to Kingston, this tool can also restore files from other brands of flash drives like SanDisk, Lexar, HP, Transcend etc. The recovered information can be previewed before restoration. For more specifics of Kingston USB flash drive just click here


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