Image recovery software for memory cards

Present day technology has given numerous ways of storing ones data on storage devices. Among which memory cards play a great role in storing required data. Speaking about memory cards, it is designed to store and fetch different types of data on them such as word files, text files, excel sheets, documents, folders, media files, PDF files and so on. These memory cards are easy to mount on variety of electronic devices like smart phones, digital cameras, camcorders, tablet, mobile phones and many more. And also the memory cards are of different kinds – flash memory cards, SD cards, memory stick, pen drives, SDHC, etc.

Memory cards that are used on cameras usually stores all types of media files which includes photos or images, videos and audio tracks. And most likely the data from memory cards can be lost in various situations.  Assume that you were viewing all the captured photos on your digicam. You saw some unwanted photos in that series and started deleting one by one. And in the event you accidentally selected delete all option which erased complete set of photos that were stored on the memory card of your digicam. In this case is it possible to recover all the lost photos? Yes you can. By using photo recovery software you can easily recover the lost photos from the memory card. Because, when any data is deleted from storage devices  the data is not erased from the memory instead the memory space where the data was stored is marked as free so that any new data can be stored in that memory space. So until and unless you store any new data on the memory card you can restore all the lost files.

The scenarios in which you may lose photos from memory cards can be stated as follows

  • Format /Re-format process: When you accidentally format or re-format the memory card when it is connected to the system, all the contents of the memory card will be erased. Because both the processes deletes the data present on the device and checks for the read and write accessibility of the drive and marks any physical damage has been occurred. Thus the data is lost.
  • Interface / connectivity: While transferring photos from memory card to the system hard drive or to other storage devices there should be complete connectivity between the two devices. Otherwise the photos that are being transferred might become corrupt and thus it could be lost.
  • Sudden removal of card: While processing any data from memory card when it is being connected t the system, if you accidentally remove or forcefully remove the cad will interrupt the process and data might become corrupt.
  • Deletion of photos on system: If you are using Windows operating system and deleted any data like photos using shift + delete key combination then the data cannot be restored through Recycle Bin as the deleted data bypass Recycle Bin and gets permanently deleted. In case of Mac OS it is the same. If you delete files using command + delete key combination, the data will bypass Trash and thus it is deleted permanently.

In all the above mentioned scenarios the lost data can be recovered by means of recover utility only if the memory card is not overwritten. The software can be used to recover images from memory cards of various brands like Samsung, Sony, Kingston, Transcend, etc. It easily restores all the deleted data and effectively recover jpeg images from memory cards. Following are some of the features of the software:

  • Retrieves all the lost media files from different memory cards such as SDHC, CF cards, flash memory cards, USB drives, etc.
  • Restores all the data from corrupt or damaged memory cards.
  • Easily recover JPEG images that are corrupt due to virus attack.
  • Restores different media file types like MPEG, JPEG, PNG, MRW, CRW, MP3, AVI, etc.

If you are the one facing data loss from memory cards use this recover utility that easily recovers all the lost photo files from memory cards. Click here to download the software. If the software successfully recovers all your lost data then you can purchase complete software.