Tips for Lost Data Recovery after Reinstalling Windows

Are you searching forward for an optimum solution to acquire back lost after installing Windows OS? If that is the specific situation then your search ends here, in this particular condition, you need to opt a powerful recovery tool that is skilled enough to extract data from formatted hard drive. You should use of the topped rank recovery app named Windows Hard Drive Recovery. By making use of this tool, you are able to get back files from hard drive after reinstalling Windows effortlessly.

Re-installation of OS is necessary, if you find that, your system is no longer working as per your expectation, or when you become incapable to boot up system further. When, it happens then many people choose to reinstall the OS. But, mistake takes place when you format complete hard drive, while installing OS. If you make this happen then you can find next, nothing in your hard disk drive once your system is ready for usage after installation. This sort of condition grows more drastic, in case you lose vital files in this manner. There are several others reasons that may push you to install the OS unwillingly.

One of the primary factors that can cause re-installation Windows OS is virus attack. As, we aware about PC virus, virus is a software program, which design to affect system data either by changing or corrupting information. One amongst major source of virus attack is internet when you connect system to internet without correct antivirus security then it may lead to relocation of virus into system. Once it is copied into system then further it might damage system files. As system file corrupt, then you certainly become incapable to get into your personal computer system further. Here in this kind of condition you should format the machine by reinstalling Windows OS. Moreover, since everyone knows, humans are made to perform mistakes, so he can format another vital partition or can completely format the hard drive accidentally.

How to handle this case after losing vital data next reinstalling Windows OS?

If you lose vital files from computer, after formatting then it is recommended that do not make use of the computer for storage purpose. It is just because once you store any file within the hard disk drive then there is a chance of overwriting of data location from where the information retrieval is needed. When the locations are overwritten then you might lose your vital data forever. Before overwriting data location, you can possibly use above-mentioned tool and retrieve lost files from the formatted hard drive effortlessly. For further detail, you can examine this link: